It is sad that i havent posted for such a long time. Im dissappointed as well.
However, i havent lost interest or motivation…just time.
Unfortunately my school, or any other school that i am aware of, doesnt give a grade for a “good blog” and hence, limits my time to actually work on it.
Now you should ask whether my only drive for doing things is the reward in the end. It may seam so, and i do fear it quite often. but its not.
however, school comes before blog, and blog must wait till school ends. Of course school never really ends, but gives intervals of time perfect for wasting…..or taking advantage of while writing a blog.
Up till now, i havent actually posted my views. I simply copied what others had to say,

hopefully helping people who dont get enough attention, to get the attention they deserve.
 But the ideals for this blog are too surreal. Beyond my limit. Its hard to google possible posts for “peace on screen”. Very tiresome, and unfruitful.
i must find something some one else has done, in order to agree with it and use it to express my views. Thats hard to find, and sometimes i dont agree with anyone 100%. 
Just like being a “fan” of someone or something. Its great to support people, but to be a walking talking “HUGE fan” of someone, seams very depressive. You must wait for that person to do something, before you can show your approval. You never act, you only react.
In conclusion, i plan to bring peace on to screen in many ways. War is all over our screens. Every day, a well dressed modern man or women with an impeccable english accent tells us about it. They use the lovely fancy words to convince pretty much everyone, except the victims (obviously), into what didnt happen.
Depressive? not really. i have learned to deal with it, and i will try to show you how.

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One Comment on “Depressive?”

  1. remember P.D. 1081. This one is Proc 1071, short by ten, but almost near 1081. So true to what the Gloria and cohorts claim, this is not martial law b Click

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