When babies become fair game…

This was my first post when I made this blog. I obviously had more motivation then. Assuming most people should have forgotten this post, im reposting it. I find it to be one of my best.  

When babies become fair game, “Israel’s” Education minister becomes very angry.

“When terrorists declare every member of a particular society a legitimate target, when babies become fair game, they are moving humanity backwards to the age of savagery, when human society was dominated by dark, unrestrained passions, not the laws and accepted rules of civilized conduct”


The very “civilized” “Israeli” minister says:“The laws of war in the civilized world are based on a clear-cut distinction between combatants and civilians. The civilized world has determined that acts of war may be carried out only against armed combatants not against unarmed citizens. Terrorists refuse to heed these laws and in so doing set themselves apart from civilized people everywhere.” 
The very “educated” education minister claims:“[Palestinians] have planned military-terrorist attacks on civilians targeting places with a high density of children and young women. Remember, the attack on a Tel Aviv coffee shop in Purim? They love to murder toddlers.”


The “oppressed” “Israeli” Education minister says:“Of course they rush to the anti-Israeli media when a bullet killed a 12 year old girl in
Gaza, a mistake by an Israeli soldier. It happened in a war.The wave of terror launched by the Palestinian Authority demonstrates complete scorn and utter contempt for the rules and principles of the civilized world, turning children and teenagers into the targets and victims of barbarous acts of murder.” 

The “clever” “Israeli” minister claims:“As a result, the terrorist has set himself apart from the rest of humanity. He has declared an all-out war on the society he is challenging. In his view, any member of that society is a legitimate target. Even a babe in arms is fair game, because that baby may grow up to become a soldier.”


“Yet Israel is a nation that yearns for peace. Its war is not against innocent Palestinians, but rather against the terrorists themselves, as well as those who dispatch, finance, harbor and give them succor…..”says, the “peaceful” “Israeli” education minister. 


I pray for the Truth to become manifest. I pray for God to soften the hardened hearts, so that they may see the truth. I pray for the innocent to no longer be blamed for the oppression done against them. May God guide those who have gone astray. and May the Most Merciful grant his Mercy on all those who are oppressed

*This excerpts were taken from the article “The Slaughter of Israeli Children” in the “Jewish Post”. For those who wish to know, I do not agree with anything between “” quotation marks.

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3 Comments on “When babies become fair game…”

  1. :*:*:HANAH:*:*: Says:

    this also is one of my most favourite posts!… its whuuut peace on screen is mainly about!.. Showing the suffering to raise awareness and from then, find tha road to peace! masha allah!
    looking again at this posts doesnt make it any better.. it hurts me even more! this is becuz i HOPED tht things culda changed… suffering around the world would have decreased, more kyds/ babies could have grown up to experience life without the brutal exposer to such atrocities! i guess at this JAHILIYAH period where the likes of George Bush determines who’s next to be oppressesd.. i kinda 4HOPED too much!
    Khair insha allah! lets juss keep praying for a brighter day! 🙂
    hpe ur sweet aicha! hope everything is ok!

  2. Hebrew Hammer Says:

    Fucking hajji sandnigger faggots all need to be nuked off the face of the planet, you savage, sub-human shitcakes.

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