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One Comment on “carlos-latuff-brazil.jpg”

  1. Charles Says:

    fantastic drawing showing the true cause of all the deaths in iraq – the “resistance” – inspired by violent religious principles of vengeance and putting the protection of fellow muslims above all others and above all reason, and made up mainly of non-iraqi fighters!

    bush and the shopping cart is also incredible – since oil rights are now completely in Iraqi hands and with only two out of 15 operators being american. this conspiracy theory fuelled so much opposition to the iraq intervention, only encouraging the sad torrent of violence, starting on August 19 2003 when an amazing brazilian man – the top envoy for the UN – was killed along with 22 others. the bomber was algerian and the mastermind jordanian. so much for spontaneous local resistance.

    nice one “peace” activists!

    ps carlos should also remember the dynamics of his ancestors’ fleeing their native lebanon for brazil – religious persecution by muslims.

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