Peace Notes by Yusuf Islam


In The name of God, the Giver of Peace 1) Peace Train (Short Intro)
The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “You will not enter heaven until you believe; and you will not believe until you love one another. Should I not guide you to a thing that if you do it will increase love amongst you? Spread ‘As salam’ (peace be with you)”

2) Don’t Be Angry
The Prophet, peace be upon him, was once asked by a man to give him advice. He told him, ‘La taghdab!’ Which means, ‘Don’t be angry!’ But the man didn’t listen, and kept on repeating his request. The Prophet, peace be upon him, just kept on telling him the same answer, ‘Don’t be angry! Don’t be angry!’

Whenever we are under pressure, we should be patient and turn to prayer. And if we are true believers, we won’t only do this when we need something, but we will pray everyday. Then we will be closer God, and know that He will always be with us when we need Him.

3) To Speak Good
Words can disturb the peace and cause pain.The Prophet, peace be upon him said, ‘Speak good or be silent.’ This way, you create peace and harmony. Just listen to the silence of the sunlight, which makes everybody warm and happy.

4) Staying Positive
The Prophet, peace be upon him, taught us to always be satisfied with even a little. He said, ‘(A person) who lives a day in safety of his life, with a healthy body and food enough for one day, is like a person to whom the world and all it contains has been given’ That’s how we should look at life, always positive, and smiling.

5) To Care for One Another
Men and women must try to live together in love and peace. This is why the family is so important, without a loving family, children feel unwanted and alone.

The Prophet, peace be upon him, taught children to love and respect their elders, and for elders to be merciful to the little ones.

He also gave special attention to orphans who, like himself, do not have a mother or father to care for them.

6) Avoiding War
Throughout human history people have started wars. Fighting is sometimes necessary, but it should never go further than it needs to. If your enemies agree to stop fighting, you should accept it and make peace.

When the Prophet and his companions, after twenty years of suffering and being driven out of their homes, marched with a great Army and opened Makkah, people were not killed, but instead he forgave them and let them live in peace.

Peace is necessary for people to enjoy life and return to their homelands, so families can be joined together again and have the freedom to worship God, calmly and peacefully.

To forgive is not easy, especially when people are against you. Sometimes it feels like a war is raging in your heart, that’s when you have to be strong to fight what is inside you!

7) The 25 Prophets
If everybody believed and followed one way, there would be no wars and peace would fill the earth. But part of God’s plan is to test everyone with what they have been given. All the messengers and Prophets came to teach how to worship One God and be good to each other. The Qur’an tells us that after a Prophet is sent, people choose whether to believe or not, that is why today we can see churches, synagogues, temples and Mosques, and millions of people dressing and praying differently.

8 ) Belief in Jesus & Muhammad
Muhammad, peace be upon him, was created with the best human nature, when he was once asked who was best amongst all the persons in the world, the Prophet never mentioned himself, instead he said, ‘Joseph, the Prophet, son of a Prophet, son of a Prophet, son of Allah’s friend (meaning the great grandfather, Prophet Abraham)

He taught us to respect all prophets of God equally, but mentioned some with extra honour: he said, “And if a man believes in Jesus and then believes in me, he will get a double reward.”

9) The Path to Peace
The last Prophet taught us to respect human life and property, how to look after the earth and the animals over which we have been given power. He showed us the path to peace and called all people and believers in God’s words to join together, bowing to One God.

There is a prayer that the Prophet, peace be upon him, taught, ‘Oh Allah! You are Peace, from You comes Peace, So help us to live in Peace, Oh owner of Majesty and Honour’.

And so we ask Allah to send His peace and blessings on the last Prophet, Muhammad and on all of the prophets who brought us the good news and showed us the way, if we follow their tracks, doing good and avoiding bad, one day – insha Allah – we will arrive at the home of everlasting Peace – Dar As Salam.

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One Comment on “Peace Notes by Yusuf Islam”

  1. Shaima'a Alex Says:

    Salam Aicha: Thank U For This Post..
    Elhamdo Lillah Our Religion Is so Beautiful & So Easy To Live With 🙂
    What Is Great About Those Words That U Can Teach Them Even To little Child They are Just like Day by Day Rules to Move on To Better Life, That Why I Love Our Religion It easy To Understand it when You Search Enough ..
    Keep On Ur Mission Sis May Allah Reward U 4 This & Every Thing U Do 4 Muslims & 4 The Humanty ..AMIN

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